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Sharon Eastvold

Sharon Eastvold is currently part of the team that developed and maintains the Career Pathway Portfolio process for ancillary/support staff in Albuquerque Public Schools. She is a Contributing Community Member and an active member of Special Interest Group 18. Sharon is also a STEP Participant.

Why Does Sharon participate in the ASHA Community?
I value this community for it's professionalism, depth of knowledge and willingness to share information and support. As a school based SLP, I often feel isolated in my room, and in the work I do. The ASHA Community helps me feel that there is a world of "others" who completely understand my situation and professional concerns. Thanks for being there!

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?
I'd pick a little Japanese farmer/philosopher named Masanobu Fukuoka. Unfortunately he died about 2009. I've read two of his books recently: "The One-Straw Revolution" and, "Seeding the Desert." He used Nature as his model to grow food without the use of machines nor petroleum products. He saw the systemic problem of 1) corporations and chemical companies funding agricultural development, 2) customers thinking a farm product has to look perfect, and 3) the problem of science viewing all things in their parts rather than as a whole. If his farming ideas could be applied to public schools, instead of the corporate thinking that has so much influence on education now, we'd be "growing" truly healthy children, not "processing products."

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
Besides becoming proficient in teletherapy, I think about going back to school to add a Music Therapy degree to my M.S. in Communication Disorders. So often, I can reach my students through a story put to a song, or by introducing rhythm and movement to articulation drill work. I can still use the musical skills I have. I sing and am learning the mountain dulcimer. But, I'm sure there's so much more I could be doing to make speech and language skill development more engaging and lasting.

Name something fun you think others don't know about you.
My husband and I just celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary. We were dating when I was writing my master's thesis on a typewriter! He counted 182 spelling errors! I wish I had a computer back then! Last year, I wrote an anniversary song for him. He asked me why I've stayed all these years. I told him, "you are all my reasons." That became the name of the song. I'm hoping Dulcimer Player Magazine will publish it.

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