What is CLARC?

Clinicians and Researchers Collaborating (CLARC) is a searchable online database that enables clinicians and researchers to identify and pair with one another to form research collaborations. This “matching” tool is the latest addition to an expanding line of ASHA services to support members’ professional needs.

Is there a fee associated with using CLARC?

There is no fee. CLARC is a benefit of ASHA membership.

I am not sure whether I would be classified as a clinician or a researcher. How does CLARC define these terms?

  • A clinician is someone whose primary professional responsibilities involve the provision of clinical services.
  • A researcher is someone whose primary professional responsibilities include conducting research.

Can I enroll as both a clinician AND a researcher?

Yes. Consider your primary role in CLARC, rather than the fact that you might be both a clinician and a researcher If you enroll in both roles, complete two enrollment forms (Clinician; Researcher), and your answers to the questions will be different.

How do I search for a collaborator?

Once you have completed a CLARC enrollment form, visit the “
Find a Clinician” page or the “Find a Researcher” page. Search for possible collaborators based on various demographic areas.

How are clinicians and researchers matched?

Registered Researchers Searching for a Clinician


  • Click “Find a Clinician.”
  • Enter search criteria.
  • Click "Find Clinicians."
  • Clinicians matching your search criteria will be displayed.
  • Click on the clinician's profile to review his/her information.
  • Click on the clinician badge (seen below the registered clinician's profile).
  • The clinician will receive an email alerting him/her that a collaborator request has been made.
  • The clinician will be able to accept or decline the request

Registered Clinicians Searching for a Researcher

  • Click “Find a Researcher.”
  • Enter search criteria.
  • Click "Find Researchers."
  • Researchers matching your search criteria will be displayed.
  • Click on the researcher's profile to review his/her information
  • Click on the researcher badge (seen below the registered researcher's profile)
  • The researcher will receive an email alerting him/her that a collaborator request has been made.
  • The researcher will be able to accept or decline the request.

Can I partner with more than one collaborator?

Yes, you may partner with multiple collaborators.

How will I know if someone wants to collaborate with me?

If someone is interested in collaborating with you, you will receive an e-mail that prompts you to accept or reject the request.

What do I do after a potential collaborator is identified?

Once a potential collaborator is identified, follow-up by email, phone, or in person to discuss the nature of the collaboration.

Is it okay to reject a request?

Yes; to reject a request, go to the "
My CLARC Matches" page and check the “Decline” button next to the specific request.

What do I do if I’m going to be on vacation or unavailable for a period of time and don’t want to receive requests?

If you are temporarily unavailable to collaborate

  • go to your enrollment page,
  • click the status link,
  • click on the check box next to “Temporarily Not Participating.” 
Choosing this option will indicate that you are not accepting any requests at the moment; your profile will not be available in any searches.

How do I indicate on my profile page that a collaboration has ended?

When your research collaboration has ended, go to the "
My CLARC Matches" page and mark the match as “completed."

What are the expectations for a CLARC participant?

Expectations-including decisions about roles and responsibilities- are mutually agreed upon by the individuals in each collaborative partnership.
How much time will I need to invest?

On your enrollment form, you will indicate how many weekly hours you are able to devote to collaboration as well as the duration of your commitment.

What should I do if I don’t hear from the individual I requested?

If you don’t receive a response from the individual within 1 or 2 weeks, feel free to contact the individual through the "Send Message" feature on his/her profile page.

Should I collaborate only and individual(s) in my geographic area?

No, your choice of collaborators is not restricted by their proximity to your location as long as the CLARC partners agree. It will likely depend on the nature of the research.

Is there an online group for members enrolled in the CLARC program?

Yes, there is a ASHA Community discussion group designed for members that are enrolled in the CLARC program.  You will need to go to My Subscriptions and indicate whether you want to subscribe to real time emails or receive a daily digest.

For questions related to the CLARC program, please email