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  • Today is Thank Your Mentor Day . Some of you have an established relationship with your mentor, and some of you just found out who your mentor is. No matter where you are, let’s take the time to say “Thank You”. S.T.E.P. mentors...

  • Season’s Greetings. Wishing you the best and taking a moment to check in…how’s your mentoring relationship going? Are you and your mentor communicating regularly? Have you connected and do you feel like you are getting help with...

  • My mentor has been helpful but I would like to be matched with someone who is located in New York City of possible. I would love the opportunity to meet with a mentor in person. Thank you ------------------------------ Ashley Birnbaum New York, NY

  • Hello Melanie, Since we will be starting fresh, may I be paired with a new mentor. My mentor has been fine, but I feel like I can connect more with someone who works with a hearing impaired population. If not, I will keep my mentor. Thanks,...

  • STEP Enrollment Closes in One Week We need your help. Enrollment for S.T.E.P. mentees and mentors closes December 15. Please help us recruit and share this information with your student colleagues. To enroll, visit S.T.E.P. or e-mail

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