NIH Career Symposium is Tomorrow May 10

  • 1.  NIH Career Symposium is Tomorrow May 10

    Posted 05-09-2019 02:40 PM

    NIH Career Symposium

    May 10 is the Annual NIH Career Symposium in Natcher (aka Bldg 45) from 8:45 AM to 4:15 PM. This event is a great way to jumpstart your career. The Program Book has been posted (we will have paper copies too). 

    Even if you have not yet registered, I invite you to come. This event will feature over 70 scientists in different career paths to help you navigate your own personal career choices. You can come to all panels, or just a few-whatever fits your career needs. 

    • If you have decided what is next-this is a great place to see what types of organizations hire in that sector and also to get some tips on how to successfully transition to your new job (and network).
    • New panels this year include a session on careers in data science and careers in the development stage of R&D, and a new session in the academic track by seasoned leaders discussing how to be successful as a faculty member
    • Our skill blitz sessions are back! Added this year are chalk talks for faculty jobs and feedback resilience for scientists
    • We'll also have a photobooth so you can update that profile picture on social media sites (like LinkedIn and ResearchGate)
    • You are welcome to just attend the sessions that interest you, or join us for the whole day! 

    This year we will have light refreshments in the morning and afternoon sponsored by the NIH Federal Credit Union

    (and PS-Management Bootcamp apps are due May 10 if you are interested)

    If you cannot come, we will post a written synopsis in about a month of each session at (the symposium cannot be videocast).

    Melanie Johnson
    Membership Program Manager