The ASHA Community Is Your Online Rolodex

It is easier than ever for you to connect with other ASHA members!

Get rid of the "shadow" person!

ASHA Community

Who are those "shadow" people? By uploading your photo, you help create a better online experience and more inviting space for you and your colleagues to collaborate on shared goals. Help them put the right face with your name!

You can find members by name, location, SIG affiliation, area of expertise, work setting, and more. When you complete your profile, you increase your opportunities to network with old colleagues and fellow alumni and make it easier for members with similar interests to find you. While the old ASHA Member Directory was merely that--a static directory--the ASHA Community Directory doubles as your online rolodex for the professional contacts you have made over the years and a vehicle for making new contacts.

Help make the ASHA Community as useful as possible for you and your fellow members by taking 5 minutes to

  • upload a picture
  • fill in your education
  • complete your job history

If you get stuck along the way, there is a short video tutorial to help. Remember, you always have control over what and how much information you share with fellow members through your privacy settings, and you can change these settings at any time.