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Respiratory Status

high respiratory needs such as high flow...higher than 6L via NC, or 60% on high flow...nasal rebreather, or high O2 via NC...? For

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RE: Health Professions Week - Student Registration is Open

my daughter's high school guidance

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RE: Monday Connection: How to Pick the Right Setting For You

direction as the major flow of traffic, and did

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Health Professions Week is November 6-10

exciting week-long event for high school and...High school and college students, teachers...together. Coordinate a visit to a local high...a visit to a local high school

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RE:Monday Connection: Open Discussion

I have worked in a public high school...frequent in high schools. While I enjoy seeing

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RE:Medicare Fraud and the SLP

I resigned from a high salaried position

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RE: Monday Connection (on Wednesday): Who Should I Work With?

-2nd grade, and with high school aged...-campus placement in an urban high school, and...graduate high school with a skill I know I

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Need to interview an SLP(s) via skype or facetime.Reaching out to the community

high functioning 13 year old boy and a low...differentiate for both your high functioning and low...both low and high functioning patients