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  • 1.  Room allocation of S/L therapy in schools

    Posted 02-28-2024 12:47 PM

    If I do not have a place to provide therapy, and it takes time out of the students' sessions to find a place to do speech, and students with autism have behavioral issues due to l the location changes, and my schedule has been changed due to administration at least 18 times since September, and school personnel continues to bounce the issue around, would this be something the union can help us with? I don't ask for easy, but this has been very detrimental to my practice and mental health.

    Ana M. Santos M.A., CCC-SLP; TSSLD-BE; DIR-T
    Bilingual Speech & Language Pathologist
    New York, USA

  • 2.  RE: Room allocation of S/L therapy in schools

    Posted 03-03-2024 07:55 AM
    Check your contract. There might be language in it about workspaces. See what it says. I would suggest that you speak to your building representative about this issue. It’s very difficult to plan to work well with students if you are hunting around for a room for each session.

    Is there some reason administration is giving you for NOT having a suitable and quiet workspace that is consistent?


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  • 3.  RE: Room allocation of S/L therapy in schools

    Posted 03-31-2024 12:18 PM

    Hello Ms. Santos,

    I also posted a discussion about this same issue! I believed my previous District had created a Policy and Procedures Document for Principals working with Special Service Providers in Schools. I am trying to get my hands on this document!

    Darcy Regan