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  • 1.  Addressing "Fix SLP" damage

    Posted 04-04-2024 08:32 AM

    I am very disappointed in, and frustrated by, the "fix SLP" campaign. As a result of the damage (in my opinion) they have created for our future SLPs, I have to respond to this question from a student, "...I have an ethics question. I know that some SLPs are moving away from CCCs and ASHA membership, stating that it is not a legal requirement for practice. How would ethical issues be handled for these SLPs? What would the checks and balances be?"

    How are you, as leaders in the profession, addressing these questions and challenges presented by students or practitioners?

    I look forward to your input.

    SallyAnn Giess

    SallyAnn Giess, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

  • 2.  RE: Addressing "Fix SLP" damage

    Posted 04-04-2024 02:42 PM

    Hi SallyAnn,


    I share your frustrations (even though I'm an audiologist!).  I'm not sure if I'm answering your specific question here, but I can share some information based on my experience and knowledge gained serving on ASHA's Board of Ethics a few years ago.  If someone if not a member of ASHA and/or does not hold the CCCs, ASHA's Code of Ethics (COE) does not have jurisdiction over their practice.  Thus, the "checks and balances" piece would fall to the state licensure board. 


    This portion of the Preamble of ASHA's COE details which individuals the COE is applicable to:


    " This Code of Ethics sets forth the fundamental principles and rules considered essential to this purpose and is applicable to the following individuals:

    ·       a member of ASHA holding the Certificate of Clinical Competence

    ·       a member of ASHA not holding the Certificate of Clinical Competence

    ·       a nonmember of ASHA holding the Certificate of Clinical Competence

    ·       an applicant for ASHA certification or for ASHA membership and certification"

    As frustrating as all the "buzz" around this topic has been, the silver lining is that this presents a great opportunity to have educate students, mentees, and others in the profession on ASHA's COE.  I like to encourage everyone to take time to read the COE each year when they renew ASHA certification since in our renewal, we are attesting that we agree to abide by the Code. 

    SallyAnn, the ASHA Ethics office is a GREAT resource, and they can be reached at ethics@asha.org.


    Kind regards,




    Margot L. Beckerman, AuD, CCC-A, ASHA Fellow

    Associate Director of Audiology

    ACU Manager, Michigan Balance-Vestibular Testing and Rehabilitation

    Michigan Medicine Audiology

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