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The ASHA Leadership Academy is where you can deepen your knowledge of leadership through webinars, mentoring, and more. Just log in or create a free account to get started. More Information

Question? Reach out to ASHA staff at governance@asha.org.


The beginning point for developing leadership skills is to identify current strengths and growth opportunities. The ASHA Leadership Academy accomplishes this through the use of assessments. You can access free assessments to identify leadership strengths and areas of opportunity. In addition, the provided assessments correspond to the Leadership Academy webinars which are free to view. 


Learn at your own pace, interest, and budget! Consider these webinars as an introduction to key leadership concepts needed for anyone wishing to advance their leadership skills. Registration is free for each 1-hour webinar. You can also take a low-cost assessment to earn ASHA CEUs. 

Leadership Pathways

Members take many different leadership paths that lead them to volunteering for ASHA. Some members may volunteer for a community-based group or serve their state speech-language-hearing association. Still others may volunteer for a related professional organization or engage with ASHA in short, specific microvolunteer activities. No matter how different those paths may look and how varied people’s levels of effort may be, all volunteering is important—and ASHA recognizes that. Visit the video links below to discover the volunteer leadership pathways of four members.  

 Resource Center

 Featuring the LDP Toolkit


 The Leadership Academy Resource Center supports members’ leadership efforts by

  • providing additional recommended readings that support and expand upon the Leadership Academy webinars; and
  • suggesting interesting articles and videos on key leadership concepts

 The Resource Center also offers the LDP Toolkit, which  supports state association affiliates and ASHA’s related professional organizations in offering leadership development to help grow their members’ skills. The Toolkit provides instructions to develop and implement an LDP utilizing ASHA’s Leadership Academy webinars as the primary content for the program.


The Leadership Academy Discussion is a place where members can:

  • Exchange ideas on leadership
  • Discuss leadership concepts as they apply them to their profession
  • Discuss key takeaways from the Leadership Academy webinars
  • Get feedback on questions or challenges faced as a new or experienced leader in the workplace
  • Learn about resources from their peers, and share their experiences as leaders in their professions
  • Posted in: Leadership Academy

    I was pleased to see Kathy Boada included compassion as a leadership characteristic. I agree wholeheartedly. There are instances in which a leader's compassionate attitude may save the day for someone who is suffering (for whatever reason). A leader's ...

  • Posted in: Leadership Academy

    Hello all and happy Wednesday! Katia - I enjoyed reading your "why"s and your real time examples of you carrying out your "why"s! Awesome! Each time I read one of your posts and now with Janet's post about GRIT, I get excited (and a little nervous...hahahaha) ...

  • Posted in: Leadership Academy

    Thank you for these resources Janet! I agree with Kehoe on his 5 characteristics of grit in leadership, and I would add compassion and curiosity to his list. For my own journey as a leader and those I've worked with over the years, I find that we are ...