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The ASHA Leadership Academy is where you can deepen your knowledge of leadership through webinars, mentoring, and more. Just log in or create a free account to get started. More Information


The beginning point for developing leadership skills is to identify current strengths and growth opportunities. The ASHA Leadership Academy accomplishes this through the use of assessments. Below are free assessments to identify leadership strengths and areas of opportunity. The assessments below correspond to the Leadership Academy webinars which are free to view.   

  • ASHA Leadership Strengths and Areas Of Opportunity – Identify personal leadership strengths and areas of opportunity that may then be included in a personal leadership development plan. 
  • Change Leadership – Assess personal skill level of dealing with change and knowledge of strategies to enable successful change efforts.
  • Conflict Management – Assess personal skill level of sources of conflict, potential sources and effective responses.
  • Ethical Leadership and Civility – Assess ethical leadership skill level and understanding of ASHA civility principles.
  • Influencing Others – Assess personal skill level on sources of influence power, strategies for planning, and key behaviors associated with effective influence.
  • DEI and Volunteer Leadership – Assess personal skill level on specific practices to use to create an inclusive and safe environment to maximize members’ engagement.
  • High Performing Teams – Assess personal skill level on guiding teams toward greater levels of performance and camaraderie.
  • Leadership Communication – Assess personal skill level of communicating as a leader, strategies to improve communication and crisis communication.
  • Leadership Style – Identify personal leadership style (and its associated behaviors).
  • Managing Your Leadership Career – Assess personal skill level to identify career risks, strategies to mitigate them, viability of professional network and ability to navigate career transitions.
  • Resilient Leadership – Assess personal skill level on building grit and resilience, strategies to build resilience as well as direct reports.
  • Resilient Leadership #2 – Another assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses associated with personal resiliency and where to focus development efforts.
  • Strategic Thinking – Assess personal skill level on different strategic thinking concepts and strategies for identifying and developing innovative new ideas.  



Learn at your own pace, interest, and budget! Consider these webinars as an introduction to key leadership concepts needed for anyone wishing to advance their leadership skills. Registration is free for each 1-hour webinar. You can also take a low cost assessment to earn ASHA CEUs. More on webinars


Leadership Mentoring Program

ASHA’s Leadership Mentoring Program (LMP) is part of the Association’s continued efforts to develop a diverse pipeline of future leaders for the professions and ASHA volunteer leadership. Through one-on-one interactions with an experienced mentor, mentees will receive support for their leadership development goals in terms of practical advice and guidance, as well as support in identifying future career or volunteer paths. More information.

Additional ASHA Leadership and Mentoring Programs

Leadership Development Program (LDP) Toolkit

The LDP Toolkit supports state association affiliates and ASHA’s related professional organizations in offering leadership development to help grow their members’ skills. The Toolkit provides instructions to develop and implement an LDP utilizing ASHA’s Leadership Academy webinars as the primary content for the program.  More information

Resource Center

The Leadership Academy Resource Center supports members’ leadership efforts by

  • providing additional recommended readings that support and expand upon the Leadership Academy webinars; and
  • suggesting interesting articles and videos on key leadership concepts.



The Leadership Academy Discussion is a place where members can:

  • Exchange ideas on leadership
  • Discuss leadership concepts as they apply them to their profession
  • Discuss key takeaways from the Leadership Academy webinars
  • Get feedback on questions or challenges faced as a new or experienced leader in the workplace
  • Learn about resources from their peers, and share their experiences as leaders in their professions


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