Leadership Mentoring Program

What is the Leadership Mentoring Program (LMP)? 

ASHA’s Leadership Mentoring Program (LMP) is another program in the Association’s continued efforts to develop a diverse pipeline of future leaders for the professions and ASHA volunteer leadership. Through one-on-one interactions with an experienced mentor, mentees will receive support for their leadership development goals in terms of practical advice and guidance, as well as support in identifying future career or volunteer paths. 
Empowering mentee participants is an overarching design philosophy—the program is designed to be mentee-driven to allow mentees to take ownership of their learning. 

Enrollment opened on May 10 and closed on July 5 at 3pm ET.

Eligibility Requirement

Must be an ASHA member to participate as a mentor and/or mentee.

Enrollment Period

Enrollment for mentors and mentees closed July 5, 2024, 3:00 pm ET

Mentoring Relationship 

  • This is a 6-month mentoring program for current ASHA members.  
  • This program is mentee-driven. Mentees should be self-motivated and should be prepared to determine
    the focus of the mentor relationship based on their leadership development goals.
  • Matched mentors and mentees meet at least once per month. 
  • Mentee/mentor pairs may choose to focus on (a) volunteer leadership paths and challenges and/or
    (b) professional leadership paths and challenges. 
  • Mentors may have up to TWO matches with a mentee(s). 
  • Mentees may have ONE match with a mentor. 
  • To determine your leadership priorities, take this free skills’ assessment.
  • You may enroll in one or both of the below roles.  


  • Expertise as current or past association volunteer leaders on committees, boards, or councils at ASHA, a state association, or a related professional organization;
  • Experience in the professions (e.g., deans, directors, private practice owners, managers/supervisors);
  • Experience as a mentor in other profession-related programs; or
  • Any other skill or expertise (such as leadership development) appropriate for a Leadership Mentoring Program. 


  • Interested in growing their leadership skills for a volunteer or professional role; 
  • Already serving in an association volunteer leader capacity and wish to enhance their volunteer leadership skills; 
  • Early career professionals beginning their volunteer or career leadership journeys; 
  • Interested in becoming leaders or managers in their professional roles; or
  • Leaders or managers in the profession and want to continue an upward career trajectory.  


Mentee and mentor matches will occur when responses to the various enrollment
questions with the LMP platform align.

Orientation and Wrap-Up Webinars

At the beginning and end of the mentoring relationships, ASHA will host a separate
webinar for each group—mentors and mentees to offer guidance on how to
facilitate the process.

LMP Coach

Steve Willie
Program Manager, Association Governance Operations
Ph: 301-296-5713