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  • 1.  Reopening

    Posted 06-26-2020 05:36 PM
    As many parts of the nation have moved towards reopening strategies, how have you emerged as a leader in this situation and planned your reopening?  This is a great opportunity to hear what colleagues are doing and exchange ideas!

    Faith Mogila, ScD, CCC-A

  • 2.  RE: Reopening

    Posted 06-28-2020 10:42 PM

    Thank you for sharing this great post! I don't know if this falls directly as "emerging as a leader" but I'll post nonetheless and hopefully it falls into, at a minimum, into the "exchanging ideas" portion of your post.
    The practice I work for has remained opened throughout the pandemic and had a strategies for cleaning, PPE, etc. and we discussed and implemented it. But, my co-worker and I have collaborated about how we personally do operate. For example, part of our plan was to clean all of the surfaces a patient touches after each patient. In the beginning of the pandemic, I cleaned after I escorted the patient back to one of the ENT docs or to checkout. On the other hand, the other audiologist cleaned right after testing was done and while they awaited the results. Two different techniques, but the results was the same. But, I loved how the other audiologist did her cleaning because the patient can SEE the area being cleaned and could be assured of a sanitized environment where patients had to "take my word" that I cleaned. So after collaborating, I adopted her strategy of cleaning and changing the earphone covers while the patient sits for the results, which patients like to see the cleaning.
    Also, we transitioned to remote hearing aid programming, something we didn't do before. We collaborated again about I. After the training, for the first several patients, for example, if one of my patients sent in a request for remote programming, I would get my colleague and walk through the programming changes, together, so we are both learning and seeing it, together.
    We collaborate a lot to make sure our patients are taken care of and we (including the practice) are taken care of because we know that we are in this together.
    Thanks for posting :)


    David Alexander, AuD, CCC-A
    Virginia Head and Neck Surgeons, PC - Clinical Audiologist
    Towson University - Adjunct Faculty