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Ms. Leslie Grubler


Since 2015, Leslie has been the Director of Clinical Education/Clinical Services at Lehman College CUNY. She is a pediatric SLP, and family/child advocate with experience in treatment/administration through 24 years of practice. Formerly, a Master Teacher/mentor to undergraduate students at Queens College and undergraduates/graduate students at Molloy College, Leslie’s areas of expertise include clinician development, clinical education and supervision, students with disabilities,  treatment of children 0-5 in Early Intervention, and those with autism spectrum disorder.

Leslie possesses significant experience in training and development (30 + years), literacy and technology intervention, autism intervention (as a TEACCH-certified Trainer) and stepping/thinking out of the box. Leslie has presented internationally, nationally and locally inclusive of LISHA, ASHA and the NYC Metro Council, and functioned as an educational consultant and trainer for the following NYS-based organizations: Shield Institute, New York Families for Autistic Children, East Meadow School District, Herbert G. Birch Service’s Early Childhood Centers and Upper School, the Marcus Avenue Early Childhood Developmental Program, as well as the New York City Department of Education District 75. A list of several of the conferences, trainings, and workshops that Leslie has presented is provided below.

Monitoring Self-Care of our Student Clinicians: Student Accommodations as ADA Turns 30
Student Clinicians With Accommodations: The Necessity for Cultural Competence in Supervision.             
Classroom to Clinic Initiatives: Hands-On Experiential Learning in an Environment Ripe for Mentorship. 
Mentoring Student Clinicians with Accommodations: Issues in Cultural Competence. 2-hour               
Promoting Active Learning Through Book Studies in the Introductory Classroom: Readying the Foundation for Mindful Service.
Optimizing the Optimizable: Contemplating Adequacy vs. Superstar Status in Inter-Professional Speech-Language Intervention.
Utilizing Informed Intuition to Communicate Love in the Treatment of Children with Autism.
Optimizing the Optimizable: Considering Adequacy v. Super Star Status in Curricular Speech Language Intervention.
The Book Study Collaborative: A Primer to Prioritize Student Development and Classroom Pragmatics in Introductory Courses.
Principles of Informed Intuition in the Therapeutic Relationship: It's All About the Base.
Early Interventionists in Visual Instruction
Maximizing Learning through Understanding and Managing Behavior
Understanding Inclusion--How Your Voice Can Be Heard
Learning Styles in the Culture of Autism
Exploring Non-Traditional Roles of the SLP in the Treatment of Children with Autism
Facilitating Home-Based Service for Children on the Spectrum
Integrating TEACCH and the ROLE of the SLP: The How's, Why's, When's, and Where's
Oral Motor Strategies in Language, Literacy, and Feeding
Communicating With Your Children: Visuals and Mindfulness
Adapting Books for Language and Literacy
Bridge to Literacy: Technology Integration in the TEACCH Classroom
Training Early Interventionists in Differential Diagnosis
Visuals for Intervention and Instruction
Structured Teaching: Introduction to TEACCH
Advanced Issues in the TEACCH Methodology
Visuals in Circletime and Mealtime
The Use of Language in Formal Evaluations: What it is and What It's Not
Parents and Intervention
Emergent Literacy for Children with Special Needs
The Neurology of Sound Production and the Child on the Spectrum
Encouraging Generalization: A Workshop for Parents
Communication and the Role of Sensory Integration
Establishing a TEACCH-friendly Classroom
A Therapeutic Dilemma: The Challenge of IEP Goal Writing for Children with Autism
Oral Motor Intervention and Feeding for Children on the spectrum
Learning Styles in the Treatment of Children on the Spectrum
Stepping Out of the Box -- Informed Intuition and Life-Readiness: Clarifying the Role of the Speech-Language Pathologist in the Treatment of Children with Autism
Love as An Intervention Strategy in the Treatment of Children with Autism

Leslie has strongly advocated for what is in the best interests of the patient, renounced the maintenance of mediocrity, and promoted best practices in the education and intervention of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Additionally, her previous corporate experience in Labor and Employee Relations, Human Resource Administration, and administrative experiences in clinical supervision, language intervention, literacy, visual instruction, and technology integration have enabled her to understand and work productively within the big picture and creatively and skillfully meet the varied and specific needs of children through establishing realistic and meaningful goals.

On the academic side, Leslie is pursuing her EdD. doctoral degree in Executive Leadership with a concentration in social justice issues conferred in December of 2022.  Leslie has taught several courses at the Undergraduate and Graduate level at Queens College, Lehman College, and Molloy College including Introduction to Communication Disorders, Child and Adult Language Disorders, Child and Adult Speech Disorders, Clinical Experiences, Clinical Practicum, and Clinical Methodologies and Supervision.

From 2014 to 2016, Leslie  assumed the elected position of NYS SLP Advisory Council Member for ASHA,  from 2015 to 2021 functioned as Chair of Social Media Committee for CAPCSD. She has chaired the NYSSLHA AAC/Autism Conference Committee as well as the Topic Chair  of the Multidisciplinary Committee.  She presently serves on the Government Affairs Committee of NYSSLHA and the DEI Committee of CAPCSD.


Job History

Academic Resource Center Director, HEO Director of Clinical Education and Clinical Services
August 2015 - present

Speech-Language Pathologist
June 1998 - present

Founding Director
April 2010 - August 2015

Adjunct Lecturer/ Adjunct Instructor
Queens / Rockville Centre
January 2010 - May 2015

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Queens College
Flushing, New York, United States
Masters in Speech-Language Pathology, 1998
Speech-Language Pathology
1996 To 1998

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Council for Exceptional Children
2015 - Present

Zero to Three Policy Network
2015 - Present

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